⋆ i tweet & interact a lot
⋆ if i do or say anything that makes you uncomfortable or need to put a tw please tell me !!
⋆ i'm a multi but i mainly tweet about nct dream, seventeen and treasure
⋆ i spam hoshi on the tl a lot
⋆ i don't condone nor support problematic things my favs have done
⋆ sb to break the mutual
please tw: any kind of abuse, eating disorders, self-harm or blood

⋆ you're -14 or +24 (current oomfs are ok)
⋆ you're not going to interact with me and just want a follow
⋆ you fit the basic dfi criteria (lgbtq+ phobic, racist, islamophobe, ableist, etc)
⋆ you're an anti of any of the groups i stan
⋆ you're a 5dreamzen/6dreamzen or have anything against haechan
⋆ you throw hate to stray kids chan
⋆ you don't support he/him & they/them lesbians and pansexuality

key !!
they/them, 8teen, bi
0812, infp-t, latam
sun ♌︎ moon ♎︎ rising ♐︎

yum !!
hoshi, astrology, coffee, girls, dad jokes, cold days
yuck !!
horror movies, darkness, seafood, men, closed minded people

★NCT DREAM jaemin & haechan
NCT 127 haechan, mark & jungwoo
WAYV xiaojun
★SEVENTEEN hoshi, dk & the8
BTS jimin
★TREASURE bang yedam & jihoon
STRAY KIDS lee know & felix
THE BOYZ sunwoo & q

★ITZY ryujin
LOONA olivia hye & yves

+ i'm a casual listener to a lot of groups and soloists


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if you're here it's because you make my time on twt so much better!! your ult(s) and i love you a lot!!

jisoo's dessie ♡
joshua's lisa ♡
saay's vic ♡
mark's lia ♡
haechan's finn ♡
jaemin's bry ♡
seungkwan's grace ♡
joshua's hanna ♡
haechan's rae ♡
sana's harrison ♡
jacob's jess ♡
jaemin's isabel ♡
jungkook's emily ♡
vernon's anton ♡
jaemin's ravak ♡
woozi's chai ♡
yuta's fae ♡
taeyong's alissa ♡
johnny's emma ♡
hongjoong's maria ♡
baekhyun and rose's violet ♡

thank you so much for reading until here !!
you're extremely valid and loved. and i'm so thankful that you're here in this world being the awesome human being you are !! please do not hesitate to dm me if you need to talk with someone or just want to be friends !!